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1 hour Pick-up & Delivery Service. Instantly Courier Anything in Austin for $9

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1 hour Pick-up & Delivery Service. Instantly Courier Anything in Austin for $9

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1 Hour Delivery
We will deliver your package within 1 hour of collection.
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Flat Fee
There is a $9 flat fee for all deliveries.
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Contact Free
Send packages to friends without making contact with anyone.
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Background Checked
All of our couriers are FBI background checked.

How Teleport Works

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Enter Address
To send your first Teleport, simpley enter the pick-up and drop-off address.
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As soon as we receive your order a courier will come and collect the package from the pick-up location.
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When your courier successfully delivers your package, we will notify you and send you a photo of the delivered item
Current operating hours 6am - 10pm

Delivery Area

Our delivery area contains over 120,000 consumers in a broad range of customer types including students, young professionals and families. Currently we provide 1 hour delivery to all of 78701 and most of 78702 to 78705.

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Teleport for Business

Legal & Finance

Do you need to securely move paperwork between government offices, law firms and banks in Austin? Or do you need wet signatures on your documents? Use Teleport to quickly and cheaply move files arround the city. Our desktop app is designed to allow your mail room to start sending documents to your clients in minutes.


Do you run a local retail business? Get a competitive advantage on large multi-national corporations by providing your local customers with same-hour delivery.

Service Industry

Do you operate a service-based business in Austin like phone repair or tool hire? Use Teleport’s cheap, fast and safe pick-up and delivery service to provide entirely new kinds of services to customers that previously would not have been practical.


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Receive Packages using TelePortal

A TelePortal is like a username for your business address. A TelePortal will allow your business to easily receive packages from customers. This dramatically minimises the friction when a customer wants to send a physical item to a business.

Create Your TelePortal

Digital Transformation Using Teleport

In this blog post I discuss how businesses will need to digitally transform in 2020 to meet the new needs of their customers. If you would like help integrating Teleport into your business, get in touch.


COVID isn't the end of local retail, it's the beginning of a new era.

The COVID-19 epidemic has been a gut-punch to the US economy. Across the US millions of jobs have been lost due to draconian lockdowns and social distancing. This has caused customers of local businesses to exclusively use Amazon...

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