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IPFS Pinning Service

Keep your IPFS data is online by pinning your objects on our high-availability storage using simple REST API.

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Your IPFS object will be replicated accross 2 other local clusters.

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Pin upto 1GB of objects to our clusters 100% free of charge.

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Set your pinned objects to expire after they have been seeded to your peers.

This API is currently in beta

What is Pin?

IPFS is a content addressed storage network. To ensure your object is always accesable on the network use pin to ensure a minimum level of availability.

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Get started with IPFS

Get started with IPFS in just 5 commands by trying VIPFS, an open-source Vue.js based boilerplate project available on GitHub.


VIPFS is built using Vue.js and comes with useful templates and pre-integrated with Bootstrap, Video.js, Vuex and VueRouter. Just clone, build and run npm run publish to deploy your app on IPFS and make it permanently accessible to the world!

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