For Printers: This provides you with an organised dashboard of parts that need to be printed and where they need to be shipped to.

For Doctors: This gives you a clean and simple interface to find and order vital 3D printed medical equipment.

Doctors & Medical Staff

Are you a doctor, nurse or healthcare professional fighting COVID-19 Do you need specialized parts, tools or bespoke medical equipment? Click the Sign-up button below to get free 3D printed parts.

Designers & Printers

Do you have a 3D printer and want to help fight COVID-19? We need all the print capacity we can get, FDM, SLA, Ender-3, FormLabs, HP, StrataSys any printer. Click the Sign-up button below to get access to the printer back-end of 3PS.

Open-Source Equipment

Face Shild

Face Mask

Respirator Valve

What is 3PS?

3PS is a 3D printing platform where users can share .STL files for free or for a charge. Simply find the object you want, click the print button and we will print and ship it to you.

Use of this platform is 100% free, no billing or credit card information is required.