Drop Printing

3PS offers a brand new way for developers to use 3D printing, Drop Printing. Why invest in expensive and try to predict capacity when you can use 3PS and ship high quality components directly to your customers. Sub 24 hour turnaround time, tracked shipping and plain packing all provided as standard.


We have SDKs for 3PS written in both Node.js and PHP.

Sell Your Designs

Add a license fee to your component to receive a royalty every time someone prints your component.

Unlimited Private Storage

We provide unlimited private storage for your .STL files, free of charge.


Easily manage component revisions with our built-in versioning system.

Public Components

Use our library of over 1000 free to use public components.


The TPS.print() method allows you to print an stl file using just one method. Just provide the file and default print settings as an argument and the function will save it as a new component and start a new print job.


A component represents a single .STL file and an object is a collection of multiple components. To create a component, upload a .STL file as shown in the code example. Your component can be public or private, public components are accessible by all users and can be printed by anyone. You can also set your component’s default print settings for easy replication.


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As your job is being printed we will notify you with events so you can track your print job through the manufacturing process. As soon as your job has been shipped we will create an event with the tracking number so you can follow the order from our factory to your door.