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You don't need to own a 3D printer to integrate 3D printing into your app, website or business.

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Super Fast

Need to print something large? We have the capacity to print multiple components simultaneously, allowing us to deliver 100x faster than printing on a single machine.

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Drop Printing

We can ship components directly from our factory to your customers. Sub-24 hour lead time, tracked shipping and plain packing all provided as standard.

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No Minimum

Need to print something small? 3PS has no minimum order volume.

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Public Components

Use our library of over 1000 free to use public components.

How It Works

3PS represents an abstraction of a 3D printer, using this API you can upload an .STL file and get a 3D printed object delivered 48hrs later. Print in any material, at any size and shipped anywhere in the world.
const TPS = require('3ps-js')
const fs = require('fs')

var tps = new TPS('YOUR_API_KEY')

async () => {

    // Upload ./dice.stl as a new component called 'Dice'
    var component = await tps.components.create({
        name: 'Dice',
        group_id: '00ffedbb-ff29-5138-9b5d-cd1f6ae3bc6b',
        is_public: false,
        stl: fs.readFileSync('./dice.stl'),

        // Default Print Settings
        machine: 'generic-fdm',
        material: 'pla-red',
        layer_height: 200,
        infill: 20,

    // Create a new print job
    var job = await tps.jobs.create({
		group_id: '00ffedbb-ff29-5138-9b5d-cd1f6ae3bc6b',
		components: [{
			id: component.id
    // Fire & Forget
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    A component represents a single .STL file. The file should only contain one single printable part.

  2. 2


    An Object is just a group of components. Objects are useful when you want to print a complex product that is made of multiple differant 3D printed parts.

  3. 3


    A job is a request to print one or more objects or components. Creation of a job is a billable action, you will be charged each time you create a job.



We have access to the latest 3D printing technology, including Fused Deposition Modeling, PolyJet, HP Multi Jet Fusion and Stereolithography.

Getting Started

In this tutorial I show you how you can create a customer-facing app that creates custom models and uses 3PS to fulfil its orders.

3PS Demo

3D GitHub Repo

In this post we will create a simple Vue.js App that will allow a user to order a 3D printed model showing the commit activity on their favorite GitHub repository. A user will select a public GitHub repo, we will use the GitHub API to get the commit activity over the past year, then will use Three.js to generate a .STL file client-side.

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