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16 May 2020

COVID isn't the end of local retail, it's the beginning of a new era.

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Anthony C. Budd

The COVID-19 epidemic has been brutal to the US economy. Across the US millions of jobs have been lost due to draconian lockdowns and social distancing policies. This has caused customers of local businesses to exclusively use Amazon and simply not visit local service-based businesses. If our economy does not slowly begin to restart soon, we will enter a 2008 style death-spiral. I’m not suggesting that we run outside and start coughing in each others mouths, I’m suggesting that we need to look for new solutions that will allow our economy to continue to run while also keeping everyone safe.


Teleport is a service I have created to address the changing needs of consumers and businesses during the COVID-19 epidemic. Teleport is a 1 hour pick-up and delivery service. With just a few taps you can instantly courier anything in Downtown Austin for only $9. All you need to do is go to and in a few taps a courier will be sent to come and pick-up your item. The App is available to anyone to courier items within the city, but it is primarily aimed towards local businesses.

Fundamentally Teleport provides businesses with massive competitive advantage for $0 upfront cost. Teleport is not just for simply moving packages from A to B, it’s designed to be a reliable logistics backbone that will allow businesses to provide entirely new kinds of services to their local customers.

Open Teleport

Use Case: Fashion Retail

Consider a local fashion retail business were to integrate with Teleport. The business owner would simply add a new shipping option for local deliveries at a price of $9. When a local customer makes a purchase using their website or social media, they would select this delivery option. Less than an hour later the customer will receive their purchase. Same-hour delivery is a service that even Amazon cannot offer. By simply joining Teleport the local business has gained a competitive advantage that even a multi-billion dollar corporation does not have.

Teleport ad targeted at retail businesses

Use Case: Phone Repair

A TelePortal is like a username for your business address. A Teleportal will allow your business to easily receive packages from customers. This dramatically minimises the friction when a customer wants to send a physical object to a business.

Imagine a mobile phone repair business were to integrate with Teleport. The owner would simply create a new TelePortal, for example @MobileRepairATX. When a customer breaks their phone, he can simply go to and teleport the broken phone to the repair shop. Once fixed, the repair shop would simply tap return and a courier would come and bring the item back to the customer.

An example TelePortal page for @MobileRepairATX

Despite emails, PDFs and DocuSign, many industries still work using physical documents and wet signatures. With many lawyers working from home, a service to quickly transport physical documents has never been more in demand. The platform allows businesses in these industries to quickly exchange documents for a fixed fee. All of Teleport’s couriers are fingerprinted and FBI background checked.


Initially businesses will use Teleport out of economic necessity to mitigate against the decline in footfall traffic. As the epidemic passes, the value of this kind of heavily localised, high speed logistics will become unquestionably clear and local businesses will continue to use the service to provide entirely new service offerings. If you have any questions about the service or if you would like help digitally transforming your business please get in contact with me.

Open Teleport

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