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Ideea is an API platform built to provide emerging technologies and business services through a simple intuitive REST interface. Each API comes with clear documentation, user guides and an SDK written in your favorite language.


The platform has a web app that provides all of the functionality of the underlying APIs for debugging and experimenting with the services.


All of our API's come with clear documentation, user guides and lot's of example code.



There are stable public SDKs for all of our APIs published on GitHub in a range of popular languages. Each come with clear documentation, wide test coverage and can be installed with your favourite package manager.


3PS is an API that represents an abstraction of a 3D printer, with this API you can upload a .STL file and receive a tangible object just hours later. Using 3PS you can print in any material, at any size, shipped anywhere in the world. Add 3D printing to your app, product or service in a matter of minutes with 3PS.

P2M (PDF to Mail) is an API for sending certified mail. Simply use the .send() method to upload a PDF along with your recipient's address and we will print and send it as certified US mail. Use this API to verify your customers physical address or send legal documents for signing. Monitor the status of your mail by using the webhook feature that will even send you the recipients signature once successfully delivered.

Civil Analytics is an API built for government and local authorities to collect data on highway assets such as signs, traffic signals, overhead lighting and road markings.

This API is only available to qualifying users.

Open Source

$ git clone [email protected]:Ideea-inc/vipfs.git
$ cd vipfs
$ npm install
$ npm run build
$ docker-compose up -d
$ npm run publish
$ open http://localhost:8080/ipns/Qmxxxxxxxxxxx

Vue.js + IPFS = VIPFS. VIPFS is an alt-tech framework for creating permanent apps, blogs and websites that cannot be taken offline by anyone, including government. The application is built with Vue.js and comes with useful templates and pre-integrated with Bootstrap, Video.js, Vuex and VueRouter. Just clone, build and run npm run publish to deploy your app on IPFS and make it permanently accessible to the world!