Welcome To The Alt-Tech Cloud Platform.

We make it easy to build and launch next generation online services using alt-tech infrastructure – with a clean control panel, stable pricing, team accounts, and more.

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All of our products and services come with a clear user guide, an OpenAPI Spec and lots of example code.
Give each user and system account granular read and write privileges with our powerful identity and access management controls.
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We provide a stable public SDK for each of our APIs written in your favorite language, wide test coverage and published on GitHub.
A clear billing page is provided so you can easily see all the charges that your group's usage has generated.
Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account by asking for a code generated by your phone after you login.
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The platform is 100% free to use, you will only be charged if you make a billable action on an API.


On-Demand Delivery Service for Businesses.

Do you offer your local customers same-day delivery? Teleport is an on-demand delivery service for businesses. Start providing your customers with delivery from just $9.

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    Enter Address

    To create a Teleport, simply enter the pick-up and delivery address.

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    A courier will be dispatched to collect your package from the pick-up address.

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    When your package is delivered, we will send you a photo of the delivered item.

We can deliver anythng in Austin from just $9. You can get an instant quote for a delivery by using the quote generator on the main Teleport page. Instant Quote
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S3 compatible storage, accessed through Tor and distributed with IPFS.

Tor hides the physical location of the S4 server. IPFS makes your data permanently accessible. A sidecar docker container is provided to seamlessly proxy requests from your existing S3 code over Tor to S4.

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Open Source
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Vue.js + IPFS = VIPFS

VIPFS is a front-end boilerplate project for creating permanent apps, blogs and websites that cannot be taken offline by anyone. Including the government.

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